Pure Sniper
Unity 5

My work

I have been a part of the Pure Sniper design team since the very beginning of the game, learning about the styles of game play we want, deciding on base mechanics, game flow and structure for the game itself, researching on similar games and overall helping to design the game that has now been created.

Within the game play itself, i have helped created the following with the team:

  • Region 1 - LA

  • Region 2 - Miami

  • Region 3 - NY

As well as creating by myself:

  • Region 5 - Miami Marina

  • Region 7 - LA Venice Beach

Each Region consists of 35 missions, 5 bosses, Standard and Premium grinds, usually between 10-20 of each of these. Meaning that currently in the game there are around 500 missions for the players to complete, some of which are re-playable for extra money, and i have had a say or hand in creating most of them.